Dear Child,

Boys, do not date until your are ready to have every action made and every word spoken be out of love, trust, respect, encouragement, and protection. Do not act out of selfish gain, or lash out spitefully when hurt. But instead love, not naively, but openly, knowing that she could say goodbye, and you must graciously hold open the door for her.
Girls, don’t date the man you want to ‘get’. Soon your fickle heart will just want to ‘get rid’ of him. Instead, love because of character and passion and how often he makes you laugh. Lead, often by example, the nonnegotiables of mutual respect, sensitivity to other’s needs, trust and faithfulness. And call them up from being boys to being men.

In a world so often full of selfishness, deceitfulness, insensitivity, and mistrust, carry the above. Don’t be someone’s reason why it’s oh, so hard to love.


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