Parts of Me

I sleep curled up in a ball.
Mostly on my left side.
In the perfect place for someone to wrap their arms around me.

I watch tv like I watch sports.
Always yelling at this character or that.
But I would be quiet if you told me it was your favorite part.

I listen to music really loud.
I get ready and dance through the morning.
But I would turn it down for you on all of your days off.

I cook big portions.
And always something to dip in hot sauce.
If it’s too spicy for you I might call you a baby, but I’m sorry. I don’t mean it.

I watch people dance.
And I can’t help but stretch to help them move.
But I would be still if you were beside me; you probably like to concentrate.

I get stressed.
And I worry a lot.
I was made for someone who will remind me of how beautiful life is.

I like to be clever.
Challenge me with words and you’ll probably lose.
But sometimes I’ll let you win because you smile and I’ll forget what I was so cleverly trying to say.

I have long hair.
It’s usually a mess.
But some days it is perfect for someone to run their fingers through.

I like parties.
I like to go out and enjoy people.
But sometimes can we stay in, build a pillow fort, and watch Friends?

I sing in the car.
And in the shower, kitchen, bedroom, work, and public.
Even if it bothers you, I hope you’ll just smile let me keep on singing.

I love the idea of being yours one day.
I’ll blush when you wink at me across the room.
And no one will write you a funnier birthday card than me.

I know who I am.
And I like who I’m becoming.
But I know there are parts of me just made for another.



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