The beauty of writing is that it can take raw feelings and emotions and put them into words. Readers can then plop the words into their mouths and swish them around a bit to get just a taste of what the author intended. There are times, however, when an author and a reader connect on some unknown wavelength through space and time. The words transcend the paper or screen, and become a reality to its audience. The reader can taste the saltiness of tears in his mouth accompanying a tragic loss, the metallic bitterness of blood after a thrown punch, or even, the warm, soft, taste of a kiss left lingering on their lips. There is magic in writing an incantation that will clutch the rib cage of another and rearrange its insides and fill it with emotion it did not know was there. 

This beauty does, however, leave the author with quite a responsibility. How will we describe the world around us, what will we bring to light or keep hidden, what, if anything, is too spiritual or too dark to bare? What taste of the world will we place in our reader’s mouth? One of despair, loss, a world gone astray? Or, in spite of all those things, one of hope, and faith, and love?


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