I can’t lie. I am a realist. Which in certain situations may come off as pessimist. I don’t believe in fairy tales, I don’t believe in “happily ever after”. Because the truth is, life gives the bad along with the good. I’ve seen too many poisoning relationships to be blissfully ignorant. I’ve watched too many heartbreaks to leap blindly. I’ve heard too many lies entangled in compliments to openly believe. I don’t want a prince, I don’t want a chick-flick romance, I don’t want the love story that everyone else is after.

I want a best friend. I want something so easy to fall into that I couldn’t ignore it if I tried. I want to finally feel at home. I want to believe someone cares what I have to say, cares what I’m feeling. I want to finally, truly believe and let it resonate in my soul, that someone actually thinks every piece of me is okay. And that most of me, most of me is beautiful. I want a real relationship, one with more good than bad.


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