One is the loneliest number.

People say that being alone is the worst place you can be. One is the loneliest number.

I’d have to disagree with the all-knowing “they”. The truth is that you are never really alone. There are two leach-like beings that you can’t get rid of. Even when you’re in the quiet, in the dark, with no one else around, they’re presence is booming. These two have been with you forever and have built up all their arguments against you. The looming creatures are known as the Head and the Heart.

The Heart is a sullen fellow. He seems to memorize your lowest moments and present them to you when you’re down. Like a picture show the scenes race by, one after another, the Heart himself, narrator. And just when you feel you can’t take anymore, like your chest might implode, the Heart delivers his monologue. His pathetic plea for pity. His agonizing attempt for sympathy. He then makes his retreat. Letting his words echo around first in your chest, then sinking to your stomach where they rest. They lay waiting for the next hiccup to bring them forth just for a second, or the next “lonesome” moment when the Heart will pick up his drawing board and start again.

The Head is conniving. He has stockpiles and stockpiles of not only stories, but data: facts of the past, facts for the future. And don’t you dare doubt his figures; he has entire reports to back his claims. Each excruciating account against you sinks you deeper in your chair. The Head never forgets. No matter how much you plea or how big the bribe, he will never forget his charges against you. You can try to salvage yourself. Conduct your own argument for what you did and why. But the Head is as unmerciful as concrete on bare palms.

I’d agree that by definition, one is the loneliest number. But you are never truly alone. 


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