Writing from my sophomore year of high school: New York falling.

“When I was a freshman in high school, I took a trip to New York City with our high school band and choir. While there we did a tremendous amount of sightseeing! The “Big Apple” truly is all it’s made out to be! From Ellis Island to Central Park, everything was beautiful! One of the most impacting moments of the trip for me, was spent standing on top of the Empire State Building. At 8:00 at night, the sun is obviously down, but standing over the city you would have sworn that every light in the world was aglow! Each street light, candle, and neon store front played a part in the mirage of the city. However, the best part wasn’t even the lights. Once you built up the courage to step near the caged off ledge of this stone and metal giant you got the scare of your life. My friends and I stuck our hands through the metal bars, let them flail over the city, and felt… nothing. Well lack of something. It’s so difficult to explain, but we were placing our hands over hundreds and hundreds of feet of… nothing. You could feel the extra empty mass under your palms. It was as if gravity wasn’t just a law, but an actual power pulling our limbs and making our arms seem hundreds of pounds heavier! While exhilarating, this was one of the most terrifying moments of my life. Stretching my hand through the hazard bars made me realize: this is life. Sometimes we have to push and reach through the bars, the signs that are all screaming “danger!”, and stretch our fingertips into the nothingness. We have to reach, and search, and feel for something! We all feel like there is more out there than our little caged off corner of the world. But the worst part of this analogy is, once you finally put yourself out there, you become insanely and intensely aware of exactly how far you have to fall.”Image


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