Name tags and all.

We all carry around some baggage. Like passersby in a crowded airport, each of us cling tightly to our luggage. Some purses, some backpacks, some suitcases or duffle bags.  Neatly labeled with our name, age, and even address. How comforting that no matter if we grow, change, or even move, our baggage will find us. On days like today it feels like I own a trunk. My feet, as if they’re fitted into cement, ache against the weight holding me. Tell me, can you really let go of the past? Or does the Past have to graciously loosen its grimy fingers from your collar in order to breathe again?


One thought on “Name tags and all.

  1. Yes, you can let go. YOU can let go. It’s called forgiveness. The past will always be s part of you, but it doesn’t have to dictate your present or future.

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