the sidewalk.

Falling in love is like walking down a sidewalk. You know when you pass someone walking the opposite direction. It’s just the two of you, and there’s that awkward moment where you panic. “Do I look up at them? Will they look back? Do I smile and say hi? Or should I pull out my phone? Maybe stare at the ground?” There are days when we are upset or hurried and don’t want to talk to anyone. There are days when we try to look up at someone just to see them look down. There are times when we lift our eyes a second too early and miss their returning stare. These moments happen every day, but it is a one in a million shot to look up at the precise moment as the other person and smile. THIS is what falling in love is like. There are opportunities every day to meet someone. Sometimes in life, we are too busy to even notice the other person on the sidewalk. Sometimes, we are stuck in our own gloom and do not even lift our heads. Sometimes, we put ourselves out there and there is no return glance. But maybe, just maybe, someday, someone will lift up there head and see you just as you see them.

Falling in love on the sidewalk.


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