collision of soul and body.

I, like many, think the soul and body are two entirely different entities that just happen to work together.

 Your soul cannot physically smell or see just as your body cannot create thought or emotion. There are those moments though, when soul and body collide. The best examples of these moments are probably laughter and tears. When the emotion of our souls overflows pouring out of the body through bubbly laughter or stinging tears. But there are other circumstances.. When you see love lost and your stomach aches. When you feel his hand slowly let go and dig a gaping hole in your chest. There are other times. When a child’s laughter seems to cure every ache or pain in you. When the hint of love looses butterflies deep in your belly. Even more, there are times where senses of the body pull the soul to join the sensation. The smell of autumn leaves, falling back into childhood afternoons and rosy-cheeked smiles. Or that familiar tune that sways you into the living room dancing on your daddy’s toes. Thank God for the complex and seemingly boundless wonders of this life He’s given us.


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