I recently turned 24 and was once again reminded of all the beautiful people and blessings I have in my life. In this season, I clearly see the progress I am making in academics, I am aware of the continual strengthening of my family, I am reminded that I am loved and cherished, I wake … More 24.

How do you know?

For years, I remember asking my mother, friends, and role models the one question that plagues many of us since middle school. “How do you know?” Of course I was talking about boys, men, the one. How do you know? As a girl I watched many of my friends fall easily into one relationship and … More How do you know?

Dear Child,

Boys, do not date until your are ready to have every action made and every word spoken be out of love, trust, respect, encouragement, and protection. Do not act out of selfish gain, or lash out spitefully when hurt. But instead love, not naively, but openly, knowing that she could say goodbye, and you must … More Dear Child,